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SMSGT delivers best-of-class solutions to the most challenging issues facing today's wireless networks. By deploying reliable hardware and software products and in partnership with industry leaders in the field of wireless technology, SMSGT helps customers experience stable Wi-Fi networks even in the most critical scenarios.

our solutions include 

Wireless Access Point and Controllers

SMSGT offers high performance Wi-Fi products for both enterprises and service providers, ensuring optimal wireless connectivity even in crowded areas. Products are built on carrier-grade quality for Wi-Fi scalability and reliability under all conditions. Every product is managed by simple and unified network management solution that eases WLAN administration.

Microwave Solutions

SMSGT responds in today's rapidly increasing demand for wireless connectivity by providing reliable, high-quality products and solutions which can be deployed quickly. Areas with limited wired broadband connection is addressed by offering microwave radio transport solutions which provide stable coverage across large service areas and enhances the service providers existing infrastructure and giving more value to enterprise customers.

Wi-Fi Analytics

SMSGT provides Wi-Fi data analytics and reporting solution to help enterprises and service providers make informed business decisions regarding the operation of their WiFi networks. The customer can also have the option to utilize LBS technology that gives both service providers and enterprises the ability to have a unique perspective on the Wi-Fi customers' usage behavior and help strategize to increase their profitability while enhancing users' online experiences..

Wi-Fi on Demand

SMSGT has the ability to enable Wi-Fi access on demand for special events tahht would require reliable and fast Internet connection. Using state-of-the-art Wi-Fi stations or kiosks, organizers and guests can have the opportunity to enjoy Wi-Fi and other value-added services e.g. event announcements, survey, games and more.

Wi-Fi Project Management and Support Services

SMSGT offers a comprehensive suite of Wi-Fi project implementation, operations and support services. We have dedicated and well-trained teams which can build your Wi-Fi infrastructure from the ground up: from identifying the optimal access point locations, installing the access points and controller, up to configuring connection policies to the users. 24 x 7 helpdesk support is available to assist customers to ensure the reliability of your Wi-Fi networks.



Mobile and Value Added Services

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. offers a variety of value-added services allowing subscribers to take full advantage of their unit's many features while giving telecom operators the opportunity to create new revenue steams.

These services include SMS Gateway; Mobile Data Acceleration, Optimization, and Caching Solutions; Roaming Solutions; and Salary Load.

our solutions include 

SMS Gateway Solutions

Never underestimate the power of SMS. By sending bulk messages to customers, companies can inform them of special offers and invite them to important events. With SMS Gateway, companies can communicate with their customers in an easy, timely manner. A vendor-independent gateway, SMS Gateway offers easy integration between all SMS, MMS, and WAP push applications and messaging centers that use a variety of protocols. This ensures efficient application connectivity and advanced application and content provider management capabilities.

Salary Load Solutions

Constant communication among employees is critical in any growing organization. Employees must be able to talk to one another, whether through text or calls, wherever they may be. Insufficient load should never be a reason for important messages not to be passed on.

Constant communication among employees is critical in any growing organization. Employees must be able to talk to one another, whether through text or calls, wherever they may be. Insufficient load should never be a reason for important messages not to be passed on.

Mobile Data Acceleration Optimization & Caching Solutions

The availability of wireless devices and high-speed networks has set the stage for the progressive adoption of Mobile Internet in the global market. Mobile Internet opens up a world of exciting content to subscribers from music and video to social networks and mobile search in a platform that's fun, portable, and accessible. But for Mobile Internet to gain popularity, it is essential to give end-users a delightful experience.

The availability of wireless devices and high-speed networks has set the stage for the progressive adoption of Mobile Internet in the global market. Mobile Internet opens up a world of exciting content to subscribers from music and video to social networks and mobile search in a platform that's fun, portable, and accessible. But for Mobile Internet to gain popularity, it is essential to give end-users a delightful experience.

Roaming Solutions

Roaming is an integral part of any telecom operator's services, and a significant contributor to revenues. Indeed, it is an indispensable service that telecom operators cannot afford to disregard or neglect. In fact, it must be constantly improved, enhanced, and supported by other services in order to provide both inbound and outbound roamers with a satisfactory and convenient roaming experience.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. offers various Roaming Solutions, from Call Correction to Broadcast SMS, which take full advantage of its mastery in signaling and its expert knowledge of how roaming works. Such solutions not only promote loyalty among roaming subscribers, they also provide fresh revenue streams and savings for telecom operators.



Network Management

The unceasing expansion of network systems coupled with the rapid speed of technological advancements around the globe has spawned a greater need for reliable and efficient network infrastructure to accommodate new services.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. provides network management and diagnostic solutions that ensure the integrity and reliability to telecommunication services. These solutions include Routing Management Solutions, 3G Wi-Fi Offloading Solutions, Network Security Solutions, Diameter LTE Roaming, and Customer Experience Management, among others.

Our solutions include 

Bandwidth Manager

The effective management of bandwidth use and traffic provides an enjoyable Internet experience to subscribers and ensures an uptrend in earnings for the telecom operator. Indeed, with the continuous expansion of Internet Protocol-based services to deliver mission-critical applications, bandwidth management has become an important factor in any telecom operator's financial success.

Applying visibility, maintaining control, and offering new services in a network structure will enable telecom operators to differentiate themselves from the competition, increase customer approval, and improve their profitability.

3G Wi-fi Offloading Solutions

More and more mobile users find it necessary to connect their mobile devices onto their laptops and computers to gain access to the Internet. Because of the relentless growth of Internet data traffic, there is an increasing need for offloading solutions. Subscribers opt for data offloading in search of higher bandwidth. Telecom operators use it as a means to decongest traffic.

Network Security Solutions

Fraudulent activities can wreak havoc in a telecom operator's organizational efficiency and financial efficacy. This can hamper delivery of services and eat up revenue turnovers. That is why it is important for telecom operators to put a stop to instances of fraud and prevent them from happening again.

Diameter LTE Roaming Solutions

With more and more subscribers expecting an enriching and enjoyable mobile internet experience anytime from anywhere, telecom operators are opting for LTE solutions for high-speed data facilitation.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. formed a partnership with F5, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, to offer a Diameter LTE Roaming Solution that allows subscribers to take advantage of all the services and applications possible in a high speed environment. More importantly, it gives telecom operators the power to maintain control over their systems, making sure they run smoothly and seamlessly despite the occurrence of unexpected surges.

The Diameter LTE Roaming Solution enables the telecom operator to deploy one platform for context-aware routing, reliable load balancing, and seamless connectivity to all legacy network elements, interfaces, and protocols. Control planes are fully visible to telecom operators for easy identification and modification of network issues as well as for effective planning of network capacity. Plus, monitoring and testing of network performance is not an issue with SMSGT's sophisticated Diameter Testing and Simulation Suite Tool. With the Diameter LTE Roaming Solution's unmatched scalability and flexibility, profits won't be far behind.

Customer Experience Management Solutions

Subscribers experiencing persistent service issues with their telecom operators may take action in any number of ways. Some will call customer care while others will cancel their service altogether and switch to another telecom operator. Whatever the subscriber's course of action, one thing is certain: it will cost the telecom operator time and money.

Unfortunately, some of the issues experienced by subscribers may originate from causes entirely unknown to the telecom operator. For example, an improperly configured access point name (APN) on the handset will have the telecom operator blocking access to the user. While this is standard network behavior, it will be seen as a failure by the subscriber. Because the network is behaving exactly as it should, the telecom operator has little or no indication of the anxiety and frustration that its subscribers may be experiencing.

Integrated Centralized Management System

Together with MegaSys Computer Technologies, an international organization dedicated to developing effective network management solutions software, SMS Global Technologies, Inc. has come up with the Integrated Centralized Management System.

By incorporating a number of network systems into one user-friendly dashboard, the Integrated Centralized Management System allows telecom operators to do full element provisioning using an advanced graphic interface. What's more, the telecom operator need not have extensive prior training in the element's native protocol; the dashboard spells it all out, allowing for easy and effective monitoring of the system. This translates into the smooth day-to-day operation of the system and steady revenues for the telecom operator.

Remote Facilities Management Systems

The management, maintenance, and protection of critical facilities situated in remote, inaccessible locations pose a daunting challenge to telecom operators. It becomes more interesting when facilities experience a breakdown, entailing all sorts of costs including expenses for repair, travel, fuel, and insurance.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. offers a smarter approach to overseeing remote facilities. Through the Optima solution of Kentrox, a global leader in intelligent site management, SMSGT can give telecom operators complete visibility and control of far-flung cell sites and substations. The Optima solution offers detailed surveillance, remote control, and periodic maintenance automation, decreasing instances of systems breakdown. This results in a significant reduction in operational costs as well as a proactive response to potential problems.



Project Implementation Services

Various organizations on many times are encountering spikes in terms of the number of projects being implemented simultaneously which are not met by the present resources at their disposal. SMSGT comes in to cover these needs where the implementation of projects are outsourced for the clients to conserve its resources and yet still maintain the capability to deliver the projects to their customers on time and within the required quality given the constraints in scope, specifications and cost. SMSGT has a project implementation teams with the necessary skills and competence and properly equipped, which can be readily organized and deployed as the client may require, to implement the project in its behalf.

our solutions include

Billing & Settlement Solutions

More calls are being made today than at any point in human history. While the sheer volume of calls is great news for telecom operators worldwide, it can potentially turn into a nightmare if interconnect billing solutions are not properly put in place.

Such a global scenario has been anticipated by SMS Global Technologies, Inc., and it has wisely predicted that an accurate and effective interconnect billing solution is the key to profitability in this multi-carrier generation. SMSGT has thus been engaged in a process of extensive research and evaluation to identify the most suitable tracking and billing platform for the Philippines.

SMSGT's interconnect billing solution allows telecom operators to track, summarize, and bill long distance and international carriers for completing calls via their own facilities. The solution also provides critical data to help telecom operators establish audit trails for financial reconciliation management. Other features of this solution include input formats and traffic types.

SMSGT provides for the installation of the solution as well as for testing, training, and documentation services.

SMS Anti-Spam/Fraud

Text messaging is big business. In just a few years, it has become the preferred form of communication for many individuals worldwide. Unfortunately, it has also attracted a slew of unscrupulous individuals who engage in fraudulent network-based activities. SMS Global Technologies, Inc. presents an integrated approach to warding off criminal intent.

The SMS Anti-Fraud Solution covers all types of network or interconnection; whether it is SS7, SS7/IP, or IP. Built with a modular architecture, the SMS Anti-Fraud Solution is highly scalable. Plus, its open platform allows for easy integration with different types of network. With such flexibility, telecom operators can decide which approach suits them best: non-intrusive detection and management or real-time blocking of spam or fraudulent SMS transactions.

E-mail Anti-spam &

Identity theft has become a major cause for concern among Internet users worldwide. Phishing is a form of identity theft whereby electronic messages from supposedly trustworthy sources are actually vehicles to acquire critical information from the subscriber. The damage caused by phishing ranges from inaccessibility of email accounts to substantial financial loss.

Phishing has become rampant over the years because of the readiness with which unsuspecting people often divulge personal information to phishers, including credit card details, social security numbers, and their mother's maiden names. Identity thieves can add such information to the knowledge they gain simply by accessing public records.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. offers an effective Email Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing Solution to protect subscribers from such potentially damaging activities. The SMSGT solution is not only capable of blocking and filtering users executing anomalous Internet activities, it can also zero in on IP addresses that allow such harmful moves and blacklist them on various route-based localization (RBL) sites.

Session Initiated Protocol
(SIP) Security & Service
Assurance Solutions

One of the more innovative features of the Internet is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It is a standard protocol that allows for interactive sessions using multimedia elements like video, chat, gaming, and virtual reality, paving the way for a variety of fun, user-friendly applications. SMS Global Technologies, Inc. ensures subscribers of an enjoyable experience of such applications through its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Security Solution. Through its advanced, high-performance SIP and RTP media monitoring and reporting, running an SIP-based network infrastructure is easier, resulting in reliable and predictable SIP-based services. This solution has a comprehensive understanding of session initiated protocols and provides a comprehensive insight into the SIP-based activities of subscribers. It also has the capability of monitoring media flows in real time, and assessing the audio quality of every call.



Power and Energy

One of the critical issues faced by telecom operators is power. It takes the right type of energy current to power up telecommunications equipment, for instance. And it takes the uninterrupted supply of power to ensure the smooth operation of telecom operators.

our solutions include

Switching Rectifiers

A wide range of components ensure the smooth day-to-day operations of telecom operators. Among them are High-frequency Switching Rectifiers that convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). This conversion process is important in the telecommunications industry as the clean, uni-directional waveform of a direct current is more suitable for carrying voice and data transmissions.

Telecom Batteries

Power outages disrupt the operations of enterprises big and small. The telecommunications industry, as one of the pillars of modern living, cannot afford the aggravation brought on by power interruptions. Apart from bringing on untold inconvenience to subscribers, power interruptions also translate to loss of income on the part of telecom operators.

Telecom Batteries are used to backup rectifiers in the event of a power outage. As such, the availability of highly efficient Telecom Batteries is critical for telecom operators. SMS Global Technologies, Inc. provides Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries from CSB, a leading manufacturer of batteries worldwide. Certified by the ISO and UL, these Telecom Batteries are highly efficient, leak-proof, and maintenance-free. SMSGT provides installation and maintenance service for their telecom batteries.

Hybrid Power Unit

Base transceiver stations (BTS) are strategically placed around the city and rural areas for maximum communication convenience. In the recent years these structured necessities are powered through diesel fueled gen-sets While climate change and global warming is a rising concern, SMS Global Technologies, Inc. does its part in reducing CO2 emissions significantly throughout the nation.

In partnership with Ascot International, SMSGT has replaced the old AC Gensets with the innovative DC-HPU (Hybrid Power Unit), a plug&play energy system that is directly connected the any indoor/outdoor BTS. The Hybrid Power unit notably reduces 68% in fuel consumption and 81% savings in running hours.

Battery Management System

SMS Global Technologies, Inc., in partnership with Ablerex and LEM, delivers the industry's best wired and wireless battery instruments.

Enerbatt 3G is a battery monitoring system and a complete solution for capturing important parameters of batteries in real time. This system is able communicate wirelessly, measure up to 256 nodes per system, and record data in external memory cards to enable easy data access and backup security.

Sentinel is a mono-bloc VLRA and flooded cell transducer measuring voltage, temperature and impedance, and reporting over a proprietary bus to the data-logger.


Data centers comprised of a number of servers and personal computers run on an alternating current of 220 volts. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) assures that data centers do not suffer from the inconvenience of a power interruption. Most UPS devices, however, can only supply power for 30 minutes to one hour. The more effective way of tackling this concern is to connect data centers to inverters. An inverter is an electrical device that converts 48 volts to 220 volts. Because it is connected to a rectifier, the inverter offers longer backup time SMS Global Technologies, Inc. secures the continuous operation of critical applications through CE+T Power inverters. CE+T Power inverters can provide for the telecom operators’ AC backup needs from 500Va up to 225kVA. SMSGT installs, maintains, and makes repairs of these devices when necessary. Indeed, SMSGT provides the dependable and efficient solution to power failure issues.



Video & Transmission

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. offers a variety of solutions for issues relating to video delivery and mobile transmission. SMSGT provides video and transmission solutions to the country's leading broadcasting organizations from ABS-CBN Corporation and GMA Network, Inc. to Associated , Cignal Broadcasting TV5 and Solar Entertainment.

our solutions include

Video Delivery Network Provisioning

Satellite technology has revolutionized the way information is created, accessed, shared. In particular, satellite communication enables different types of signals, from television broadcasts to telephone calls, to be relayed from one location to another.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. provides integrated satellite video delivery solutions to answer the growing needs of media organizations, broadcasting networks, and other enterprises in the Philippines. From systems engineering to project management, SMSGT delivers solutions for new system installations as well upgrades of existing ones. SMSGT also offers maintenance and repair services.

SMSGT utilizes Cisco's PowerVu Plus Video Compression System to transmit audio and video content to cable operators nationwide. It currently delivers more than 85 percent of programs being received in the Philippines.

Satellite News Gathering

Reporting up-to-the-minute developments of significant events from different parts of the country is a daily part of television news broadcasts. These remote broadcasts bring viewers to where the action is, highlighting the urgency of breaking news or adding local flavor to entertainment programs.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. makes it easier for media organizations to execute remote broadcasts by supplying them with the latest in satellite news gathering equipment from Advent Communications of UK. Advent Communications created the world's first flyaway satellite antenna and provides end-to-end satellite communications solutions.

Additional equipment that SMSGT carries include the Mantis 1900 dual band antenna, which is compact enough to fit into two IATA compliant flight cases and can be easily deployed by one person, and the NewSwift antenna system, which can be mounted onto all types of vehicles with minimal interfacing.

Fixed Earth Station System

A fixed earth station plays a significant role in satellite communications. Located on the surface of the earth, this terminal communicates with satellites to transmit and receive extremely high frequency radio waves.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. utilizes a system of fixed earth stations to facilitate a wide range of applications including digital video distribution, data systems, and direct-to-home systems. These systems are compliant with international, regional, and domestic satellite system standards.

SMSGT is capable of designing, installing, and maintaining fixed earth station systems from start to finish. Its clients include ABS-CBN Corporation, GMA Network, National Broadcasting Network, and Intercontinental Broadcasting Company.

DVB-T/H System

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. is gearing up as the country prepares for the shift to digital television broadcasting technology on December 2015. Whether the Philippines eventually adopts the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) of the Japanese or the European Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) or Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) formats, SMSGT has the experience and expertise to provide the broadcasting industry with effective solutions.

With its comprehensive portfolio of services, experienced staff, and well established partnerships, SMSGT can design, implement, and launch DVB T/H, and ISDB solutions that are efficient to build, easy to maintain, and profitable to run. After the service is deployed, our technical team can continue to add value by providing a full suite of technical support and management services.

Integrated Receiver and Decoder

Every day, millions of viewers are able to enjoy hundreds of channels, thanks in part to a portable device called the professional set-top box or integrated receiver/decoder (IRD). IRDs are designed to receive high frequency content feeds, which are then intended for re-broadcasting.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. offers professional set top boxes which allow digital broadcast subscribers to enjoy exceptional audio and video quality, variety and flexibility of programming, and innovative support services. Among its clients include The Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, AXN, NHK, and The Knowledge Channel. Moreover, SMSGT offers excellent after-sales service through its team of well-trained technical professionals.

Satellite Communications System

SMSGT is engaged in the supply, installation and management of satellite-based communications for data transmission. Teaming up with satellite industry leaders and with proven track record on nationwide solution implementation, SMSGT continues to build its presence in the delivery of turn key projects that require satellite services specially on areas where terrestrial access are either unavailable or expensive. VSAT network, Microwave and Satellite Uplink/Downlink system, project management, maintenance are just some of the services SMSGT can offer.


Data Center

Boost profitability by protecting, powering and managing IT systems at the core with our comprehensive solutions for networking and data center applications.

SMS Global Technologies, Inc. in partnership with Tripp Lite, provides the most efficient and cost-effective data center solutions in the industry, from a single rack to an entire facility. Our data center specialists will custom design a solution that provides availability, manageability, efficiency and affordability to meet business goals.


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