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As the leading system integrator in the Philippines, SMS Global Technologies, Inc. focuses on providing innovative solutions for wireless and wireline service carriers.

System Integration

Update your system or install new ones with the help of our over 200-strong technical team. Each member of our support team is well-equipped with training, certification, and vast experience in project implementation, so you can rely on their help on any system changes.

Project Management

When you need to get things done quickly and efficiently, SMSGT can be your partner in Project Management. You can work hand in hand with one of our dedicated project manager or with an entire project team. From project initiation, planning, delivery, to control and closure, we’ll provide our services every step of the way.

Project Implementation Services

Many businesses simultaneously implement various projects, and at times, the available manpower may not be enough to see the projects through. By outsourcing project implementation, SMSGT can help cover the gaps and ensure that your project gets completed within your given timeframe.

Training Programs

We offer courses from the introduction of new systems and products, to troubleshooting, up to complex system administration. Our courses are taught both by local experts and global partners –making our training programs one of the most comprehensive in the industry. 

Benchmarking & Drive Testing

Highly skilled and experienced engineers are ready to conduct nationwide data collection through drive-testing with the outcome of thoroughly accurate and relevant information. We provide reports containing our customer's current and future needs through an analysis of performance management, strategic and capital planning, advertising support, and customer preference analysis. 

Subscriber Experience Testing

Monitoring and testing the subscriber experience is of critical importance in maintaining the quality of telecommunication services. SMS Global Technologies, Inc. (SMSGT) offers Subscriber Experience Testing Services run by a team of well-trained test callers and field-tested engineers who will fully scrutinize operator services affecting end-user quality of service (QoS) and employ local best practices in testing.

Site Acquisition

Whether it’s to deploy a new network, or upgrade existing ones, we help telecom operators by providing site survey, acquisition, and preparation services. Our depth of experience in dealing with real estate organizations, construction, suppliers, and government authorities guarantees smooth procurement and site preparation for our clients

Telecom Civil Works

Be it in the city or a remote island –wherever you need a telecom tower built –SMSGT can deliver. Our hardworking team can carry out the construction and installation of a high-quality tower efficiently and on time.

Help Desk Services

Our Help Desk provides customers and end-users with 24/7 support. The team is responsible for troubleshooting system problems and/or escalating them to the appropriate channels. The solutions currently supported are used by the majority of telecommunications worldwide. They are related to network probing and interconnect billing and settlement.

Software Development

A core competence of SMSGT is to design, develop, implement and manage software solutions. Building applications and websites, as well as integrating systems to create a perfect and holistic tool for our clients.

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